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A Modern Bio-Engineered Marvel

One of the most frequent questions we get is what is Lights Out made of and just what exactly creates such devastating killing power in a formula that is 100% nontoxic to humans and pets? The basic answer is a simple one; the main active ingredient in Lights Out [...]

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Let's Kill Some Bed Bugs!

You have now reached the point where you have decided on Lights Out as your preferred treatment option. The following information is intended to make certain that you will accomplish your ultimate goal of eliminating the bed bug infestation plaguing your home.Where to Start It is essential you follow the Guide For Use” on the product label. There are [...]

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Lights Out for Much More Than Just Bed Bugs

The epidemic of bed bug infestations occurring in many cities in this country right now has tended to focus a very specific use for our Lights Out product. We offer a 100% non-toxic to humans and pets treatment option for effectively eliminating bed bug infestations. We proudly offer the Lights Out product as the only safe and [...]

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How Do They Get Away with It?

In my previous blog entry I discussed “Googling your way to the truth.” Simply searching the MSDS of any competitive bed bug killing spray and then researching the active ingredients listed on that MSDS in Wikipedia for their generally accepted uses. I clearly stated that no matter which manufacturer of a so-called safe and effective bed bug [...]

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The Truth: They Manhandle the Truth!

I realize that the title I used for this article is a rather provocative, if not cryptic, lead in to the subject I am going to discuss here, but hopefully it is the “attention getter” I mean it to be. I might also have used the title “When Is The Truth Really A lie?” Most of you probable realize [...]

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Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Ride?

Keeping this article's title in mind let’s address the question as to how the bed bug epidemic, in this country, has spread in as far reaching a manner as it has. We will also discuss how these insects manage, so well, to infest homes and apartments, once they reach their destination and finally why they are so difficult [...]

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The "Cide" in Pesticide - You Decide Which "Cide" to Be On

In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote a book named The Silent Spring, which sent shock waves through the pesticide industry. The book documented the harmful effects of pesticides used in agriculture and other purposes and ultimately led to a nationwide ban of DDT and other pesticides. Just as importantly The Silent Spring was the catalyst for the environmental movement and [...]

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Bed Bugs with Immunity Infest with Impunity

I know the above title sounds silly: I have already been told that more than once, but I hope it stimulates some interest in reading further and permitting me the opportunity to explain. The not so silly part of this is it is true and highlights what has become the 800 pound gorilla in the [...]

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AAOES - The Gold Standard for Testing Labratories

If you have read some of my previous articles you might have noted me mentioning how proud Lights Out is to have a letter from the American Academy Of Entomological Science certifying that Lights Out is ”non-toxic according to EPA GRAS standards to qualify for 25 (b) rule exemption” and is “effective in the elimination [...]

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