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Lights Out and Dr Greengood Commercial Bed Bug Products are truly remarkable 21st Century bed bug killing sprays that are both 100% non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment and have the independent laboratory test results that prove they are effective in killing bed bugs and most importantly effective for eliminating the bed bug infestation*. Lights Out and Dr Greengood are the only natural bed bug killing sprays that can make this claim, with the independent laboratory test results to prove it. Lights Out is used by home owners and apartment dwellers and Dr Greengood Commercial Bed Bug Killing products are favored by pest control companies, hotels and property managers who are seeking to treat multiple rooms or apartments.

If you are one of the millions of homes or businesses that have had to deal with the terrible consequences of a bed bug infestation; bites on your or your families skin, costly treatments by pest control companies who spray with poisonous insecticides and then must return multiple times to continue to treat the infestation, expensive home furnishings that often must be discarded, because they cannot be treated with these poisons, and just the general feeling that your home has been invaded and turned into a living nightmare, then you are well aware that you need a product that truly performs as it claims. Lights Out and Dr Greengood are safe and natural products, that not only deal with the symptom (by killing bed bugs), but also cures the disease (by eliminating the entire infestation). You can treat your bed bug infestation yourself, by following our label directions, the treatment dries in about an hour and amazingly you are finished. You and your family may sleep in your bedrooms that night and sit in your sofa and chairs, quite safely, once they have dried. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you have restored your home, to the same environment it was, before the bed bugs invaded.

*American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown, Ph.D.,
"Certification Documents for Lights Out Product and Dr Greengood Products"

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